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Mini Sprinklers are used for irrigation of seasonal crops like vegetables, onions, potato, nurseries etc. Made of engineering plastic and available in different connection options. Compact design for easy installation, riser can be used to increase the height upto 150 mm (6”). It can be used to increase height in following products: multipurpose stake with adaptor for mini sprinkler, stake for mini sprinkler, mini sprinkler base. Having Sharp and self punching inlet. Provides stable base for the installation of mini sprinkler. Use to adjust the height of J-Mini Sprinkler according to shrubs height.

Range of Mini Sprinklers

J-Mini Sprinkler

Recommended for irrigation of vegetables, nurseries etc. with ‘Rainport™’ system.

Modular Sprinklers

Complete range of micro-sprinklers and micro-jets.

2002 AquaSmart

Flow regulated micro-sprinkler for optimal undertree irrigation.